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Robin Lape'

Disabled Army Veteran, Author, & Female Life Coach & Strategist who is kicking breast cancer’s butt and knocked a brain tumor out of the park all while being a wife to an amazing husband and mom to three outstanding young men!

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here's the tea on me

I am a Retired, United States Army Veteran who spent 27 years serving this country and over 25 years leading and mentoring soldiers to be resilient and enhance their professional, and at times, personal development. I am a member of Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority, Inc., where I serve as a National Director of the Honorary & Ambassador Program and collaborate with other military/veteran women of service, being of service to our communities. 


Outside of the military, I am a published author co-authoring two empowering books for women.   Focused and Aligned, is a book of 18 women who express painful struggles and share how having unequivocal faith and grace transformed our way to inspire others and reassure women that God will never forsake them. Girl, Don't Count Yourself Out - Moms Edition is a compilation of 16 diverse women who share their personal journeys through motherhood and how we overcame sickness, death, mom guilt, infertility, and burnout.  Be encouraged by our stories of faith, hope, love, growth, and resilience.


here's what I  believe

Life is about understanding your purpose and using your gifts to serve the world the best way you know how without fear.


Challenges, struggles, and unfortunate events shape and position us to strengthen our faith and encourage others.


Resilience, the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and toughness, is learned and developed during strenuous times. 

My purpose is to encourage and enhance the resiliency in women.

here's how I  help

As a Female Life Strategist, I help women who have placed themselves on the back burner and have not healed from past experiences, to rediscover their inner elasticity and choose themselves first. I am dedicated to assisting women in maximizing their full potential and reaching their life's goals. I am a Servant Leader who walks in purpose and has been called to help high-achieving women Learn to Optimize their Visibility and Embrace who they truly are! You only get one life. You owe it to yourself to

Embrace your imperfections

Eradicate procrastination

Eradicate emotional spending

Eradicate self-sabotage

Stop settling for less

Confidently speak without fear

Unleash your Awesomeness

we're stronger


Life doesn't get easier or more forgiving; we get stronger and more resilient.

~ Unknown

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